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• Mechatronics, Integronics and Adaptronics;
• Reliable Systems Engineering;
• Ciber-physical Systems;
• Optics;
• Theoretical and Applied Mechanics;
• High-tech mechatronic, micro-mechatronic and nano-mechatronic systems;
• Mechatronic processes in production and smart integrated control;
• Smart Mechatronic system production and control;
• Robotics, micro-robotics and nano-robotics;
• Modeling and simulation in mechanics and mechatronics;
• Integrated smart control systems;
• Computer image and imaging processing;
• Smart bio-medical and bio-mechatronic systems;
• MEMS and NEMS;
• New materials;
• Sensors and transducers;
• System and computer engineering;
• Nano-chemistry, physical chemistry of biological systems;
• Micro- and nanotechnology;
• System optimization;
• Communication and distributed smart systems;